Sale of Spanish Horses
From the hand of Yeguada Mater Christi
sale of spanish horses

Sale of Spanish horses by Yeguada Mater Cristi

Mater Christi Stud It consists of fully adapted facilities designed for the breeding, development, dressage and sale of Spanish horses, whose nobility and morphology are its main attributes.

Our trajectory of constant innovation and improvement thanks to personal and professional effort supports us. Beginning in 2007, at which time a series of Spanish Champion mares, daughters and granddaughters of Champions and champions of several generations among their ancestors, were acquired. being the first seed of our success.

We listen and analyze all the ideas proposed by a number of professionals of different kinds belonging to the world of Purebred Spanish horse breeding, always looking for the most optimal and appropriate solution for our purposes. 

optimal specimens 

This concludes in an exhaustive and constant control over all our specimens to ensure that the result is always unbeatable.

Consolidating with the horse sale Spaniards characterized by a unique aesthetic beauty, impeccable strength in movement and an undoubtedly noble character.

Exhaustive and constant control over our specimens

Despite all of the above, our project has only just begun, we will continue advancing with all the future litters to achieve a constant improvement in the evolution of the species.

We also bet on other stud farms that consider us suitable for a contribution to their improvement, both in Spain and in different countries so that these stud farms reap success thanks to the specimens of our iron, in turn giving prestige to the irons of other friendly breeders.

All this so that the horses of mater christi continue to be Treasure of the Race.
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(+34) 607 804 737
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Or visit us at the address shown below:
Higuera de las Dueñas, Avila.
Ctra. AV-915, km. 11,600