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buy purebred spanish horses

Buy purebred Spanish horses with complete confidence

En Mater Stud Christi We have a great team of experienced professionals in the livestock sector whose function is to manage with skill and dedication day after day the development and training of the best PRE horses.

If you want to buy purebred Spanish horses, we put each and every one of our efforts to satisfy your needs.

Our specimens enjoy exhaustive control, we also follow a rigorous management system to achieve optimal breeding in the most appropriate environment.

Our stud farm can cover any need that customers require, from non-binding advice to the search for a horse in a personalized way, through the organization of transport and its delivery at the time of purchase. Spanish purebred horses

The best livestock in the world

We are proud to be endorsed by the award for BEST LIVESTOCK IN THE WORLD en SICAB 2015 and 2016, a recognition that does nothing more than reaffirm a project that vindicates the line of racial purity, the morphology, the movements and all the functionalities of the best PRE horses.

PRE specimens of the highest quality

The PRE specimens with which we work enjoy the highest quality. Not only are they backed by good genetics from their forerunners, but for advanced breeding to work, our foals and fillies are required to meet certain requirements such as a studied diet, exhaustive health control and a convenient exercise program. .

We also get our horses to attend Morphofunctional Contests, making them participate in all sections, which gives us some criteria when studying the results of these competitions and responding with adequate training. Through all these techniques we manage to enhance the genetic traits, fixing them carefully in different litters in the fastest and most efficient way.
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